Wednesday, March 25, 2020

I'm back!!!
Wow! I haven't posted anything since November of 2018! So much has happened since then. We moved into our little "camp" in Venice after selling the Palm Coast house and I finished working for the gym in Palm Coast and began working for Sky Family YMCA as a wellness coach/personal trainer.
We have since moved again!!! Last time! We found a great little place and moved in October 2019. Three bedrooms, a lanai and a 2 car garage and I can walk to anything I want! LOVE IT!!
Since leaving Fitness One, I am exclusively a personal trainer and a My Zone instructor. Love what I do and my clients. Since my last post, I have achieved my Corrective Exercise Specialist certification and wish I had done that so long ago.
This week however, the country is on lock down because of the Covid-19 and I have had lots of down time. Can't say I am not enjoying it because I have been catching up on sleep, rest, reading a book that doesn't involve training and sewing. I will not lie, it will be tough going back to long days and getting up at 3:30am to train that first client.
Been looking at some online training as well. If I would have had it all set up, then I would have been working this whole time, but it's ok. Things happen for a reason and I just haven't got there yet. But I will. Narrowing down my choices of software and I have a couple current clients lined up to try it out.
Well, I just wanted to touch base and make sure my blog was still here. I will try and keep this blog up to date. I know, you have heard that many times before.

Checking out some new software, so I am going to go for now. Have a great day!!!