Thursday, July 23, 2020

Nutrition Coach Certified!
I've been busy since lock down started. Precision Nutrition has an amazing Nutrition Coach certification and I decided to go for it since I wasn't working.
It took me 3 months and it was intense, I'm not gonna lie. I could still go back and take the course again and learn so much.
My goal is to be able to train online and also in person. There is so much to do. They do have an online coaching software, however, I want to add personal training to that and really need 1 software to do both. That will take some time to figure out. Been looking at some, but haven't found one that fits just yet.
Weight loss hasn't been so great lately because I have been having way to much fun going to the beach and hanging with friends and trying new beer. Definitely need to work on my choice of beverage bc beer just isn't right for me.
I turned 55 yesterday and friends threw a party for me at the beach after our weekly run. It was a great time and I truly have some great friends. The weather was perfect!!

That's it for today. I've been reading and organizing my nutrition files all day and I think it is time to call it a day. I have some birthday cake that I haven't tried yet.