Friday, March 11, 2022

Balance 365 Fat Loss Foundations

I have started back studying Precision Nutrition because I have to renew my certification and I tend to follow those who have the PN background because we have the same way of thinking and it also helps me as a coach to handle those issues that arise (in myself and others).

This program (Balance 365) is endorsed by Amanda Thebe (author of Menopocalypse) and she is a PN graduate as well as a personal trainer and I really connected with her on different levels. It was on sale for 4 days and who can't handle not buying something on sale, right? Well, I couldn't.

As I get older, and have tried every diet under the sun and lost lots of weight only to gain it back "when I am done with the program", I realize that I need something that is part of my life and not so restrictive and help me with the issues of just not having it all together. 

It's so hard being a personal trainer because there is this idea of what I should look like. In the public eye, and in some fellow trainers eyes, I should be within the perfect range of body fat, body weight, be able to lift weights, be able to run a 9 min mile without trouble... you get it. Well, that is not me...AT ALL.

Since this program goes along with the same type of thinking as me, I decided to give it a go to help me feel better about myself, get healthier and maybe be able to help others along the way.  

Right now I am going to go do a Band Workout Program by John Rusin and then go for a run. My C25k program... 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, March 5, 2022

It's Been 2 Years!!!

 Wow! Seems like my timing is every 2 years to post on the Blog. Let's see if we can do better in 2022. I'm looking for a second job. One I can do in my spare time when I am not Personal Training. I have been looking at Cyber Security, Database Management, Quickbooks, Microsoft Office and other things I can get certified in. Today, I thought... what the hell! I have a Personal Trainer Certification, a Precision Nutrition Certification, Pain Free Performance Cert, not to mention Orthopedic Exercise and Biomechanics Corrective Exercise certs and more on top of that!! I have all the certs I need to go out on my own. 

Now I just have to figure out how to do it. Where would I be training said clients? Who would be my target clients? How will I advertise? What platform am I going to use? So many questions... 

I feel the first place to start is with myself. I have gained all my weight back and haven't been working out and if I am going to help others, then I need to walk the walk and talk the talk, right? Right! 

 Tomorrow's workout is ready to go. It won't be a run day, that will be on Mon-Wed-Fri. We have the run club on Wednesday and maybe I need to have a coaching run on those nights and get paid for it... again, I need to walk the walk on this one. Have been having some issues with Neuroma and my knee (which I know is coming from my hip), and I have a program ready to go (Thanks to PreHab Guys), which will begin tomorrow. I paid for a 21 Day Hip Opener Challenge that started on March 1, and I have yet to get one day in. Starting with consistency may be the best first move... 

I was just reading what I wrote above and I seem to be everywhere... is it menopause? Am I able to make a decision and stick with it? Do I have to many things I want to do and not know where to start? Do I need meds? Let's take a breath and pick one item to accomplish tomorrow and see what happens... 

I'll let ya know tomorrow

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Nutrition Coach Certified!
I've been busy since lock down started. Precision Nutrition has an amazing Nutrition Coach certification and I decided to go for it since I wasn't working.
It took me 3 months and it was intense, I'm not gonna lie. I could still go back and take the course again and learn so much.
My goal is to be able to train online and also in person. There is so much to do. They do have an online coaching software, however, I want to add personal training to that and really need 1 software to do both. That will take some time to figure out. Been looking at some, but haven't found one that fits just yet.
Weight loss hasn't been so great lately because I have been having way to much fun going to the beach and hanging with friends and trying new beer. Definitely need to work on my choice of beverage bc beer just isn't right for me.
I turned 55 yesterday and friends threw a party for me at the beach after our weekly run. It was a great time and I truly have some great friends. The weather was perfect!!

That's it for today. I've been reading and organizing my nutrition files all day and I think it is time to call it a day. I have some birthday cake that I haven't tried yet. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

I'm back!!!
Wow! I haven't posted anything since November of 2018! So much has happened since then. We moved into our little "camp" in Venice after selling the Palm Coast house and I finished working for the gym in Palm Coast and began working for Sky Family YMCA as a wellness coach/personal trainer.
We have since moved again!!! Last time! We found a great little place and moved in October 2019. Three bedrooms, a lanai and a 2 car garage and I can walk to anything I want! LOVE IT!!
Since leaving Fitness One, I am exclusively a personal trainer and a My Zone instructor. Love what I do and my clients. Since my last post, I have achieved my Corrective Exercise Specialist certification and wish I had done that so long ago.
This week however, the country is on lock down because of the Covid-19 and I have had lots of down time. Can't say I am not enjoying it because I have been catching up on sleep, rest, reading a book that doesn't involve training and sewing. I will not lie, it will be tough going back to long days and getting up at 3:30am to train that first client.
Been looking at some online training as well. If I would have had it all set up, then I would have been working this whole time, but it's ok. Things happen for a reason and I just haven't got there yet. But I will. Narrowing down my choices of software and I have a couple current clients lined up to try it out.
Well, I just wanted to touch base and make sure my blog was still here. I will try and keep this blog up to date. I know, you have heard that many times before.

Checking out some new software, so I am going to go for now. Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Back to Basics

To say I am starting over would assume that I had failed before. Not true, I just lost my focus for...well, everything.
We sold our house in Palm Coast and moved to Venice, FL. During that time it was about packing, purging and working. I put myself behind everything else. The only time I worked out was when I was teaching a class. Didn't run, didn't bike...didn't do anything. It really took a toll on me. I gained about 10lbs, lost muscle tone, nothing fits and felt miserable.
I can't say it was all bad, because it wasn't. Eating out became fun because I didn't look at calories or nutrition. It was about enjoying the food, the beer, the wine and our friends. Now I need to refocus and find the same kind of fun eating and drinking differently. That will be a challenge for me because I love food and I love beer (especially after a hot run) and I love wine (when I am sitting down for the evening or playing cards with the girls).
Living in our little fixer upper is a challenge because things are constantly being moved around, and there is always a mess going on somewhere. We finished the front room last night and that felt very accomplished. Ron is doing such a great job at fixing everything and has become quite the handyman. I put together a new grill yesterday, which was kind of scary to hook up the gas, but I did it and the thing didn't blow up. YAY ME!
Yesterday was my first day of Back To Basics. Ran for 5 minutes, walked for 5 minutes and was supposed to repeat that 2 times. Well, I didn't turn around when I should and got an extra mile out of the workout, which isn't a bad thing. It was tough staying in Zone 2 though because I am so out of shape right now. It was great actually wanting to go for a run and it felt good to lace up my running shoes again for the first time in over a month.
A week ago I started watching what I was eating. No sugar, no simple carbs, no alcohol. That's right, no alcohol.
I had a biofeedback done with Jill about two weeks ago and found out that my gallbladder isn't working properly, something going on with the kidneys, no metabolism and the intestines are stressed. The next task was to use my Zyto compass to confirm what Jill had found and what supplements to get on and get on track.
Nature's Sunshine have such great products, and even though I am taking a lot of supplements every day (I'll tell you more about those in another post), I know that I won't take them all forever, however, I need them all right now to get my metabolism back, my energy back, my gut working properly and my brain going in the right direction.
Today I am going to ride Margarita (my elliptigo) for 30 minutes or more and find a new recipe to make ahead for the week.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Myakka River 5k & Half Marathon

Great race this weekend!!! I wasn't running it, but I was there taking photos. 
It was great seeing friends that I have been keeping up with on Facebook. 
The morning was cool and crisp, with fall air and blue skies. Couldn't have asked for better running weather.
As usual, the volunteers and race staff were busy getting everything set up and organized for the day ahead. These races couldn't happen without the organizational skills of the race staff and the help of all of those volunteers. Everyone works so hard at these races, but it is also fun at the same time. The energy alone will make you want to volunteer at an event! Try it sometime. 

I was busy making my way through the crowd, taking pics of those who were getting ready to run their first Half Marathon/5k or trying to PR (personal record) this time. Runners were huddled up, trying to keep warm, while others were warming up with various methods of jumping, skipping or running. 

Finally, it was time to start the race. I was able to find a ladder at the ranger station, and that gave me a chance to get above a little to get video of the runners. American Flags had been handed out to runners so they could wave them as they crossed the start line.

One of my favorite things to do is drive a golf cart, and I get to do that in this race.Once the runners were off, I set out on the golf cart to take photos of the water stations. The water stations are all along the course and the volunteers are usually a group or a company and I wanted to make sure they got their photos taken. I was in total denial that it was cold, and left my jacket in my car. That was a super chilly ride on the cart!! It was worth it because I got to see beautiful birds along the water, a couple of deer, alligator eyes and a gorgeous sunrise. 

The water stations were making last minute preps for the runners that were heading their way, and their energy was contagious. Music, chatting, laughing, cheering were going on at every station. 

My Favorite Water Stop!! ZOOMERS!!

As I made my way to the very last water stop, I was able to cheer on the runners and chat with a few of them. I love seeing the determination and drive in their faces. I actually had a little help on the golf cart this year. A guy named Steve needed a ride and ended up staying with me the whole time. Was nice to have company and his girlfriend was running the race, so that was a fun surprise for her! 

Now it's back to the finish line to get some photos of the after party and awards. Had a wild hog encounter on the way back...that was funny. By the time I figured out what the noise was, I saw a family of hogs running through the woods....AND FAST! I didn't know those little guys could run so fast. Then I heard screams and laughter when the hogs decided to cross the road in front of the runners. My guess is that they didn't want to miss out on the fun. They were to fast for me to get a photo of them. 

Back at the finish line, there was cheering and lots of happy faces. The medals were HUGE! The 5k awards were just about done by the time I got there. Publix breakfast tent had a super long line. Must have been the smell of bacon that caused that. 
There was also a bounce house, climbing wall and various vendors to keep everyone entertained. Not to mention a great band! 

It was also Veterans Day and they were all called to the stage for a photo and each of them were given a small token of appreciation for their service. 

 As the day came to a close and all the awards were handed out, raffle prizes were awarded and runners along with their families were leaving, the race team was able to get a chance to take a breath before starting to pack it all up. I was able to get them all together for a photo op. 

Congrats on a successful race day! I'll see you next year!! 

Friday, July 7, 2017

New Look for Island Girl Images

Since I started working, the web site, blog and Facebook page have taken a back seat (more like the trunk), however, I am hoping to get back on track.

I finished the main design of Island Girl Images today, and will be tweaking how the galleries are set up, however, the hardest part is done.

And I decided to put the blog link and Facebook link up there. Not really sure what my expectation of having those on there, but they are there.

While I plan on making the blog about places we run along with some great places to eat, I think I will include some runner friendly recipes here. I have been playing with trying to get more protein in my diet without the fat (cause we all know I am still trying to lose that) and have been eating some really great food. Snacking is one of the areas I struggle with. While trying to eat every 2 to 21/2 hours, I am getting into a rut with my snacks. Hummus, carrots, celery or sunflower butter and apples. I had to give up the boiled eggs, the gas was killing me!!

Speaking of food, I just cooked a steak to put on top of a giant salad and it is ready to eat. I ran 3 miles this morning and need some food!!!

I will see ya later!!