Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Back to Basics

To say I am starting over would assume that I had failed before. Not true, I just lost my focus for...well, everything.
We sold our house in Palm Coast and moved to Venice, FL. During that time it was about packing, purging and working. I put myself behind everything else. The only time I worked out was when I was teaching a class. Didn't run, didn't bike...didn't do anything. It really took a toll on me. I gained about 10lbs, lost muscle tone, nothing fits and felt miserable.
I can't say it was all bad, because it wasn't. Eating out became fun because I didn't look at calories or nutrition. It was about enjoying the food, the beer, the wine and our friends. Now I need to refocus and find the same kind of fun eating and drinking differently. That will be a challenge for me because I love food and I love beer (especially after a hot run) and I love wine (when I am sitting down for the evening or playing cards with the girls).
Living in our little fixer upper is a challenge because things are constantly being moved around, and there is always a mess going on somewhere. We finished the front room last night and that felt very accomplished. Ron is doing such a great job at fixing everything and has become quite the handyman. I put together a new grill yesterday, which was kind of scary to hook up the gas, but I did it and the thing didn't blow up. YAY ME!
Yesterday was my first day of Back To Basics. Ran for 5 minutes, walked for 5 minutes and was supposed to repeat that 2 times. Well, I didn't turn around when I should and got an extra mile out of the workout, which isn't a bad thing. It was tough staying in Zone 2 though because I am so out of shape right now. It was great actually wanting to go for a run and it felt good to lace up my running shoes again for the first time in over a month.
A week ago I started watching what I was eating. No sugar, no simple carbs, no alcohol. That's right, no alcohol.
I had a biofeedback done with Jill about two weeks ago and found out that my gallbladder isn't working properly, something going on with the kidneys, no metabolism and the intestines are stressed. The next task was to use my Zyto compass to confirm what Jill had found and what supplements to get on and get on track.
Nature's Sunshine have such great products, and even though I am taking a lot of supplements every day (I'll tell you more about those in another post), I know that I won't take them all forever, however, I need them all right now to get my metabolism back, my energy back, my gut working properly and my brain going in the right direction.
Today I am going to ride Margarita (my elliptigo) for 30 minutes or more and find a new recipe to make ahead for the week.

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