Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hurricane Matthew 2016

Even though this storm didn't hit the SW Florida side of the state, we were still effected. This storm effected almost everyone we know, from the Caribbean to North Carolina. We were lucky that we didn't get hit, while others were not so lucky.
Our house in Palm Coast weathered the storm well, however, the fence didn't. Guess we are getting a new fence!

My cousin's house in Cocoa Beach had minor damage and we helped them get that fixed as well, so all is good. I made a quick trip to her house the day before the storm hit to pick up some personal items just in case her house didn't make it through. 
The reason I am saying this is because my running schedule changed quite a bit this week. Didn't get to run like I was supposed to, and I was really stressed and discovered I don't run well under those conditions. Was supposed to run 13 miles this past Saturday, however, I got 4.5 miles and couldn't focus, was hating every step and decided then I was going to Palm Coast and to Willie's to see the damage for myself and get it secure before something crazy happened. And that is what we did. Ron finished out his run in the neighborhood and I stayed back and got ready, packed the car and off we went. 
Now that all that is over, I can hopefully get back to training. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Where did I run today?

I ran somewhere today in a place that I never run. On a treadmill, inside of a gym!!

Decided this morning that I was going to try intervals on the treadmill. On my schedule today was running in Zone 4 for 8 minutes and recovery for 2 minutes, and I repeated that 3 times. Wasn't so bad!

We cut off cable a few months ago, so we don't watch the morning news shows anymore. I was a faithful watcher of Good Morning America, and so this morning, I got to watch GMA AND run! What a great combination.

What have I had to eat today? Well, I had a GU Stroop waffle this morning before the run, then some almonds and a nice big kale salad for lunch, lots of water today as well as an Accelerade. Tonight I have to go to a Zoomers meeting and we are meeting at Beef O Brady and I feel sure that some nice spicy Hot Garlic wings as well as a couple cold beers are going to go in my belly tonight. It's no wonder I can't lose weight, I have no control when I am in a restaurant.

Tomorrow's plan is taking Reggae to the vet at 8:20am so they can do some work on his teeth and then do some TRX training. Will do an easy run sometime tomorrow. It is supposed to rain, so maybe I will find out what is on TV and go back to the gym.

Today is Mom's birthday. I miss her so very much.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Where to go from here

Finally got this set up. My goal is to find some great places to run, yummy places to eat and have fun along the way.

What happens now?

Hope for myself that this will help me to find that balance of eating and running to help me get to my goal weight and ultimate fitness level. Nothing like being an overweight personal trainer, huh.

I will cook some at home and share pics and recipes. Other times, I will find some place cool to eat and take some pics and share those too.

Here is to a new adventure. We are getting ready to move...again, have 2 half marathons to run in a few weeks and just trying to get it all done and still have my hair left.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me.