Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Where did I run today?

I ran somewhere today in a place that I never run. On a treadmill, inside of a gym!!

Decided this morning that I was going to try intervals on the treadmill. On my schedule today was running in Zone 4 for 8 minutes and recovery for 2 minutes, and I repeated that 3 times. Wasn't so bad!

We cut off cable a few months ago, so we don't watch the morning news shows anymore. I was a faithful watcher of Good Morning America, and so this morning, I got to watch GMA AND run! What a great combination.

What have I had to eat today? Well, I had a GU Stroop waffle this morning before the run, then some almonds and a nice big kale salad for lunch, lots of water today as well as an Accelerade. Tonight I have to go to a Zoomers meeting and we are meeting at Beef O Brady and I feel sure that some nice spicy Hot Garlic wings as well as a couple cold beers are going to go in my belly tonight. It's no wonder I can't lose weight, I have no control when I am in a restaurant.

Tomorrow's plan is taking Reggae to the vet at 8:20am so they can do some work on his teeth and then do some TRX training. Will do an easy run sometime tomorrow. It is supposed to rain, so maybe I will find out what is on TV and go back to the gym.

Today is Mom's birthday. I miss her so very much.

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