Friday, March 11, 2022

Balance 365 Fat Loss Foundations

I have started back studying Precision Nutrition because I have to renew my certification and I tend to follow those who have the PN background because we have the same way of thinking and it also helps me as a coach to handle those issues that arise (in myself and others).

This program (Balance 365) is endorsed by Amanda Thebe (author of Menopocalypse) and she is a PN graduate as well as a personal trainer and I really connected with her on different levels. It was on sale for 4 days and who can't handle not buying something on sale, right? Well, I couldn't.

As I get older, and have tried every diet under the sun and lost lots of weight only to gain it back "when I am done with the program", I realize that I need something that is part of my life and not so restrictive and help me with the issues of just not having it all together. 

It's so hard being a personal trainer because there is this idea of what I should look like. In the public eye, and in some fellow trainers eyes, I should be within the perfect range of body fat, body weight, be able to lift weights, be able to run a 9 min mile without trouble... you get it. Well, that is not me...AT ALL.

Since this program goes along with the same type of thinking as me, I decided to give it a go to help me feel better about myself, get healthier and maybe be able to help others along the way.  

Right now I am going to go do a Band Workout Program by John Rusin and then go for a run. My C25k program... 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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